13 Ekim 2010 Çarşamba

Japonya'dan Kapısız Tuvalet!

Sevgili Tuvalet Gurusu takipçileri,

Sevgili arkadaşımız Michelle Huang bizim için Japonya'dan 2 tane tuvalet fotoğraflayıp, yorumlamış. İlki oldukça ilginç. Kapısız tuvalet! Diğeri de mozaik tasarımıyla dikkat çekiyor. Biz yorumu ve fotoğraflarıyla sözü Mish'e bırakıyoruz.

This one was at
a bowling alley called Villa. It was one of the strangest toilet EVER. I think the door was broken so they removed it. So you peed in the open. The restroom had only 1 toilet cubicle and it was quite small. They had a mirror right in front of the cubicle, so because there were no doors, you stared at yourself peeing.. which strangely odd. So if there were a queue, all the ladies would stare at you peeing... Not the best one!

It was a spacious unisex toilet in a Japanese/Peruvian restaurant called Shimo. The centrepiece of the toilet was this huge mosaic communal sink. The doors were made out of mirrors and connected by mosaic pieces. Inside the toilet it was almost soundproof. There were no gaps, which made it a little claustophobic, but it was very clean, considering it was an unnisex toilet. The lighting was perfect because it was welcoming and the wall decour too.One thing that was strange was that there were no doors to the restroom, just a big entrance leading to the sink. The mirror doors were on the sink's right and left. Very informal and modern. I like!

Michelle Huang

Thank you :)

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seattle pike place'te de böyle kapısız tuvaletler vardı. sorduğumda uyuşturucu kullanımına karşı denmişti :)

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